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deer action near you?
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NEIAbowhunter 31-Oct-19
t-roy 03-Nov-19
Skid 22-Nov-22
Pat C. 11-Mar-24
JusPassin 22-Mar-24
Just curious about the deer action others are seeing. Up here in the northeast there have been some really nice deer taken. I've only been out a few times but have seen pretty good action each time. The does are starting to get wary as the younger bucks start pushing them around. Last weekend when I was out I could hear grunts and a short buck fight over the next hill. A few minutes later a small 6 was chasing does towards me. My wife misranged a deer and shot right over its back the day before. Still trying to help her tag her first deer with a bow. We keep seeing lots of does and 1 really nice buck plus several other small bucks. How's things where you are? Stay safe and straight shooting!

From: t-roy
I haven’t seen much chasing yet. Any day now, they should fire up. Good temps for this week as well. Good luck to your wife!

From: Skid

From: Pat C.
This year was the worst iv ever seen .

From: JusPassin
Same here

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