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Winter 3-d League
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bowdude 17-Nov-19
BULELK1 25-Nov-19
From: bowdude
If anyone is interested, we are beginning our Winter 3-d league at SL Archery this coming Wednesday, November 20th at 7 p.m. We will be shooting for the next 18 or so weeks, with the league ending in April. We always follow up the league with a campout and BBQ with a round or two of Archery Golf. Cost to rent the facility and the targets will be $9 a person per night. We will add a couple of dollars to that amount bringing the total cost to around $11 or $12 a person. The extra money goes to buying trophies and prizes for the fun night shoot at the end of the season as well as fund the campout BBQ. We elect or rather select 2 different people to run the league each year. This year the lot fell on me and my league partner. This coming Wednesday will be the organization night and we as a group will decide on the format and final cost to shoot. We will also setup the targets and shoot. First scoring night will be Dec 4th. We will not shoot the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years eve. Come join in the fun if you don't mind being "jeered" when you hit the wall or skip off the floor. We have a lot of fun and are not so serious that you can't give each other a bad time. You don't have to be a good shot to participate. Most of us are average to worse. I've yet to see anyone come and not end the season improving their shot technique or accuracy. We always have a money shoot each week. Cost to participate in the money shoot is $1. The rules are "one tie, all tie", so if no one hits the target or more than one hit it, the money becomes a carryover to the next week.

Bring a partner or come alone and one will be assigned. This is a handi-cap league. With handi-caps, seldom do the best shooters win the league, usually the average shooters win.

If interested and want more information, pm me. I have a flyer I can scan and email to you with a little more specific information.

Thanks for the heads-up Kevin.

Good luck, Robb

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