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Alberton area
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Shortdraw 19-Nov-19
SmokedTrout 20-Nov-19
Shortdraw 20-Nov-19
SmokedTrout 03-Dec-19
From: Shortdraw
I have a possibility to leave Bozeman and relocate north up by the Alberton area. I’ve never hunted up that way before and was curious how the hunting was around there?

From: SmokedTrout
Alberton is definitely different than Bozeman. Elk numbers not nearly the same as SW MT.

That said, I know folks who get elk up Fish Creek every year, and I've taken one not far from there. Whitetail hunting should be good, and so far there aren't many (or any?) Griz encounters. Lots of good Black Bear hunting.

In general it's thicker country, but also a little warmer. Definitely better huckleberry picking.

I look at Bozeman as where the "Beautiful People" live. There's a few things I miss, but mostly glad I left that town.

From: Shortdraw
I’m with you there man. It’s changed so much. And I’m at the point where the beautiful people can have it. It looks gorgeous up there for sure.

From: SmokedTrout
I was at an area between Frenchtown and Alberton the other evening looking for deer and almost got run into by a herd of elk on the way home. Good thing I was only going about 20 mph!

There's elk and good deer hunting in the area, but again, it is nothing like SW Montana as far as elk numbers. If you find elk I think you keep it pretty close to the vest, so to speak.

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