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Whitetail Bowhunting Southeast NE
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Neptune Archer 19-Nov-19
shb 24-Nov-19
Aspen Ghost 29-Nov-19

Neptune Archer's embedded Photo
Neptune Archer's embedded Photo
As a non-resident I bow hunted Southeast Nebraska from Nov 1st-6th and this 2 1/2 year old is the largest buck I encountered, so I passed on the opportunity to shoot it. (let them live a couple more years). With the liberal harvesting regulations of two bucks per gun hunter during the rut does this area have potential for harvesting a mature buck or is the general philosophy "if it's brown it's down?" Anyone have thoughts or hunting insight about the Southeast part of the your fine state?

From: shb

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unlimited over the counter tags.

Surrounded by states with hard to get tags...........

The Chamber of Commerce, (NE G&P) is happy to take your money though.

From: Aspen Ghost
There's a reason it's easy to get a permit. There is also a natural outcome of easily available permits - especially when rifle season is in the middle of the rut and hunters can have two buck permits. BTW, that's likely a 1 1/2 yo buck in the pic. Thanks for not shooting it. Unfortunately, most hunters in Nebraska are shooting that buck.

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