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outlook for gun seasons
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Double lunger 24-Nov-19
Double lunger 24-Nov-19
NEIAbowhunter 25-Nov-19
Scrappy 27-Nov-19
Iowa_Archer 27-Nov-19
How’s the out look for the up coming deer season looking ? Hunting in Jefferson county Near Fairfield

Gun 1 And Gun2

Weather wise, looking like it will probably be cold and possibly snow on the ground. Lot more deer seem to get taken with a little snow on the ground. I think Jefferson County was out of the worst of the EHD outbreak but I could be wrong on that. I think warren took the worst of that. Good Luck

From: Scrappy
There will be a million wounded deer, a ton of trespassing, and several people shot. I know It is a necessary evil to help control the population. Will stay indoors and hope the house doesn't get shot.

From: Iowa_Archer
I hunt just to the SW of Jefferson County and I have not heard of any widespread EHD in that county. The real problem areas this year would be about 2 or 3 counties to the west of there, with Warren being the one that seems to have been most affected. I don't have the link, but I am pretty sure that the Iowa DNR has put together a map of the reports that they have. True, not all dead deer get found and/or reported...but that map will give you a pretty good idea of where the "hot zones" were this year for EHD.

Good luck!

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