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Archbull 25-Nov-19
Ron Niziolek 26-Nov-19
Bowboy 26-Nov-19
Archbull 27-Nov-19
WyoBadger 05-Dec-19
From: Archbull
I have 13 elk points and need to decide on a unit this year. I'm 65 years old and my body won't let me hunt much longer the way I like to hunt. I'm looking at units 7,11,16,19 and 24. Any recommendations would be very much Appreciated. DIY Hunt

From: Ron Niziolek
Can't help as I'm unfamiliar with those units. Hopefully someone else can help. Ron

From: Bowboy
I know a few of your areas. In unit 7 it's a lot of private and you'll have to hire a guide or pay a trepass fee. There is some national forest, but a lot of the bulls stay on private. If I was in your situation I'd recommend 24. Also I'd look at unit 22. Are you willing to hunt grizzly country?

From: Archbull
Bowboy, I'm not a big fan of hunting Grizzly country. I spent most of my time watching for them when I should be elk hunting. Have you hunted 24?

From: WyoBadger
Archbull, I live in area 7. fantastic hunting here. Tons of state land, but like the other fella said, they sure like to stick on private. But if you're fit and not afraid to hike into an area a mile or're on your way! Apart from this last season, all my hunting is done on public land. Look at a map, lots of state and BLM land.

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