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pahoyt 27-Nov-19
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John/Alaska 24-Feb-20
From: pahoyt
Was there good grizzley and caribou sit this year? Headed up in aug 2020! Thank you

From: John/Alaska
In 1919 caribou was down a little and grizzly was okay and 2020 is predicted to be the same. But with caribou you just don't know and depends largely on where the migration goes. With grizz there are tons of them.

From: pahoyt
Thank you really looking forward to this trip

From: pahoyt
Do you need a thermacell in the TOK area during the 3rd week of august?

From: John/Alaska
No but may be. The mosquitoes can be real bad or non -existent. Depends on frost and things like that. I have one but have never used it as the bugs don't bother me too much.

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