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Fruit Trees
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Muley 01-Dec-19
t-roy 03-Dec-19
Habitat 12-Dec-19
[email protected] 18-Dec-19
FoodPlots4ever 20-Dec-19
Ollie 18-Jan-20
From: Muley
Does anyone know where I could buy some pear and apple trees this spring in around northeast Iowa? Looking to buy 30 of each.

From: t-roy
I would just order some from Stark Bro’s. Or another nursery, Glen. You might also be able to pre order some through Bomgaars, Fleet-Farm, or even Walmart.

From: Habitat
Check out lots of guys from Iowa and it's always better to buy close from home.We use Adams,Willis,Turkey Creek,these are just some of places I buy trees from depending on what I'm looking for.Apple require more work than pears and most likely coyotes will eat more fruit than deer but I am getting ready to plant 20 more.Also check out the asian pears if you like a really good tasting pear.I just planted 4 more from Willis nursery

I bought persimmon seedlings from a guy in Davenport he was very knowledgable I dont remember his name but google in Davenport

Muley- there is a lot that goes into the fruit trees as selection and growing. Do you have experience with them? If not, research prior to buying. You definitely want apples/ pears that drop at different times through the hunting season. Also, u need to cage them when you plant them with 4-5ft welder wire if you want to be successful or else the deer will destroy them. That’s just a couple tips for you to start. I planted 60 about 7 years ago.

From: Ollie
Stark Brothers is located in northeast Missouri so if the fruit tree grow there they will likely grow okay anywhere in Iowa. Each fruit tree will have info regarding which growing zones will work.

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