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Did Rifle Hunters Get Out?
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Chuckster 01-Dec-19
Knothead 02-Dec-19
Chuckster 02-Dec-19
WDP 03-Dec-19
From: Chuckster
With the big storm we had last Wednesday-Friday, just wondering if the rifle hunters got to hunt. I saw an article Thursday that Coconino closed all the forest roads Wednesday evening. I have a couple rifle buddies but they weren't drawn this year.

From: Knothead
My nieces husband and his brother are hunting 5B and generally having a pretty miserable time. White knuckle driving on the roads trying not to get stuck or pulling out the guys who are stuck. He sent me a message this eve and said he has only seen 1 bull elk taken. Majority of hunters have pulled out and gone home.

From: Chuckster

Chuckster's Link
Some elk hunters had to be rescued.

From: WDP
Following the group Hunting Arizona on fb looks like quite a few hunters are successful.

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