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Holiday Hooters!
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cnelk 03-Dec-19
Ucsdryder 03-Dec-19
Paul@thefort 03-Dec-19
yooper89 03-Dec-19
Treeline 03-Dec-19
TD 03-Dec-19
Stoneman 03-Dec-19
Grasshopper 03-Dec-19
Jaquomo 03-Dec-19
Native Okie 03-Dec-19
cnelk 04-Dec-19
Vanish 04-Dec-19
Ghost425 05-Dec-19
cnelk 16-Dec-19
Dirty D 16-Dec-19
KHunter 17-Dec-19
From: cnelk
2nd Annual - Holiday Hooters for Bowsite!

Last year a bunch of us met at the Hooters in Loveland Colorado over the holidays. It was a great time! We did a White Elephant Gift Exchange that was pretty fun too.

The Holidays are a busy time so the tentative date is Friday, January 3rd - 6pm(ish) but if there is a better date/time, please reply with that and we can adjust.

So, if any of you are interested in attending, please reply so we can make the appropriate reservations at Hooters.

From: Ucsdryder
Hmmm...supposed to go pheasant hunting in Kansas Saturday. Might make for a fun weekend.

From: Paul@thefort
YEP, my best, Paul

From: yooper89
I'll be there.

From: Treeline
On the calendar!

From: TD
Hooters? In Loveland?

soounds like a place you could get in trouble..... wish I could make it, I'll be know, in spirit.....

From: Stoneman
If we get some old bear razor heads and a candy cane like last time, I'm in.

From: Grasshopper
While I will no longer be on the CBA board, this may conflict with a CBA board meeting that I need to attend. If not a conflict, it is on my calendar. Can we get the same waitress? She was a hoot.

From: Jaquomo
Hmmm, that conflicts with my usual Friday night beer drinking, but I may be able to squeeze it in.

From: Native Okie
Would you guys let a Utahrd come? I'm traveling through there that day, I just need Brad to let me crash at his place.

From: cnelk
^^^ Plenty of room!

From: Vanish
Looking like I'll be looking for a nice fish on Pyramid Lake that day.

From: Ghost425
Looking forward to meeting some of you guys. Going to be a fun filled evening.

From: cnelk
TTT. Still planning on this! Let me or Lou know if you are attending.

From: Dirty D
It pains me greatly but I don't think I'll be able to make this year's festivities. You fellers enjoy a cold one and the scenery for me!

From: KHunter
Be sure and take trophy photos.

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