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Whitetail bowhunting
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MichaelArnette 13-Dec-19
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Outdoordan 09-Jan-20
So I’ve always wanted to hunt mountain whitetails, where should I start looking?

From: Outdoordan
There is good hunting in the Panhandle. Just take a scouting trip during the summer anywhere within 100 miles of CDA. I have seen good bucks 5 miles from CDA. Good luck.

Thank you for the advice! I’ve noted that everyone seems to go to the panhandle for whitetial is that because there are not populations elsewhere?

From: Outdoordan
It has the greatest population of whitetails, along with lots of deer on public and accessible (with permission) private. Another option would be the islands along the snake in Eastern Idaho. Or, around Kamiah/Kooskia. Or, near Salmon (it's hard to get on private where the whitetails live).

From: Outdoordan
Some great information here to help narrow down an area.

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