Surprising trail cam photo. Piebald
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stick slinger 14-Dec-19
sticksender 15-Dec-19
JTV 16-Dec-19
INbowdude 16-Dec-19

stick slinger's embedded Photo
stick slinger's embedded Photo
Pulled a card today in an area we’ve spent a fair amount of time this fall and have had a camera since early October. First photo and we haven’t laid eyes on it. I hope it sticks around for years to come. I would love to see it. I don’t remember ever hearing if any sightings around here. (Northern Indiana)

From: sticksender
Very cool. Had one (adult doe) showing up on cams here once several years ago, but only for a short time.

From: JTV
Years back, there was an adult piebald Doe in the Dunes State Park, saw it quite often ...this was before they started hunting the park in the early 2000's ... always a unique critter to see

From: INbowdude

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