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New Hunting Toy
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Zim 14-Dec-19
stick slinger 15-Dec-19
Zim 15-Dec-19
From: Zim
Anybody used one of these things? Another bad public land hunting season spurred me to try a new angle. After hunting as long as I have, I rarely buy anything as I already have one of every necessity. But decided I need to take more advantage of my 5 state work area and Illinois lifetime hunting license. So was poking looking for ideas and seen this portable boat. A quick search of craigslist found a used one for sale up in Grand Rapids so I took the wife up there last week and bought it for $500. They sell new for about $2,000. My plan is to buy a 6 hp motor and start scouting islands and landlocked public in Illinois to get away from people. There are mature bucks where I hunt, but the intense pressure has them nocturnal by the rut. Will also come in handy for walleye in my Minnesota & Wisconsin areas, plus Lake Erie spring runs. Setup only takes ten minutes. And no trailer = no plate, no tax, no insurance, no maintenance, no storage & no waiting in line at boat launches. I have a lot to learn about boating and motors but should make for an interesting spring.

I’ve looked at them for getting into back lakes for fishing. Seems like a great option, but I don’t have any personal experience. I’d think it’s much better than an inflatable. Depending how far you go, an electric trolling motor may be a good option. It’s much quieter and no exhaust or gas smell.

From: Zim
I'll definitely need the gas motor for some of the walleye spots, but plan on trying an electric one as well for some applications.

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