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deer hunt/ swap?
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mooosewhisper29 17-Dec-19
dafish 10-Jan-20
FMSullie 07-Aug-21
Buckstop723 05-Mar-22
i am an ontario resident looking to get out to the midwest for some good whitetail hunting in 2020. i don't want to go through an outfitter as i would be limited to a 5 day stay im sure so i want the option to stay a couple more days if needed to get a nice buck since i am travelling so far. i am willing to lease or swap for a black bear hunt over baited stands. any suggestions would be appreciated! thanks

From: dafish
Sent you a PM, I hunted by Souix Lookout a few times 25years ago...

From: FMSullie
Grand pass conservation, bow only, is a great place! Near marshall mo.

From: Buckstop723
Marine Veteran here. Mid 40's. Looking to bow hunt Missouri public land and possibly make friends here or in person. I enjoy sharing anything deer related. I'm definitely not one to come shoot one of your younger bucks. I rarely shoot. I truly enjoy the woods, fellowship, and the Chance at a fully mature white-tailed deer. Not asking for where to go, looking for tips on where not to go as a bow only hunter. Thanks in advance.

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