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Broadhead choice
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Booner203 03-Jan-20
Buckkillr 05-Jan-20
Booner203 05-Jan-20
Bowhunter s 06-Feb-20
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WhitetailAddict 17-Apr-20
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Scooby-doo 19-Apr-20
Ollie 20-Apr-20
From: Booner203
I’ve been wanting to try some different heads I was shooting rage bu I shot a doe I hit her in the shoulder and got 0 penetration. Should I try a different mechanical or a fixed blade

From: Buckkillr

Buckkillr's embedded Photo
Buckkillr's embedded Photo
Muzzy 4 blade has no problems getting thru the shoulder. My bad shoulders keep me from shooting high poundages and even at my 58# I have no problems

From: Booner203

From: Bowhunter s
I've had good luck with the qad exodus broadhead, have not had a deer go further then 15 yards, and had a great blood trail even no I did not need to follow seen them all fall. I'm from pa.

From: Ollie
Why would you want to try another mechanical when your current one performed poorly? Plenty of good cut on contact broadheads that you could use.

Lots to be considered here and info you did not give. What is the poundage of the bow, and what was the spine and weight of the arrow which is critical with mechanical use. I have seen the same results with a fixed blades, when it comes to solid shoulder shots. I do not shoot mechanicals because I only shoot 50lbs. I shoot a 125 grain Wasp Sst, and it has worked well out of my long bow and my compounds. Changing to another mech will not improve, unless your arrow weight is correct. In working in camps in have seen devastating results with a mech, but all shooting good weight and heavy arrows. Light arrows and mechs do not . mixing no

Check out Zeus Broadheads. I love'em. Only shoot 27" arrows and 280 fps. get amazing penetration for my short draw length.

From: JusPassin
Or, this is just a thought, you could try aiming behind the shoulder.

From: Scooby-doo
Stuff happens JusPassin, I imagine he did aim behind the shoulder. We all know you don't always hit where we aim at a living breathibg critter. Shawn

From: Ollie
Scoob...that’s why we should use equipment that will get the job done when the shot is less than ideal.

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