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Broadhead choice
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Booner203 05-Jan-20
vmang 06-Jan-20
Ollie 07-Jun-20
From: Booner203
I’ve been shooting rage I had 2 successful kills and as soon as I hit one in the shoulder it was over got zero penetration. Should I get a different mechanical or a fixed blade broadhead. I’m shooting 60 pounds I’ve shot through a deer shoulder blade before but wasn’t impressed with blood trail

From: vmang
I personally would never shoot for the shoulder intentionally , but it happens to best of us from time to time. You have a better chance for penetration with a fixed blade broadhead. Even with a fixed blade broadhead , a shoulder hit usually does not yield good penetration. Usually you end up with a wounded deer , and no recovery.

From: Ollie
Mechanical broadheads are not going to do well when they hit bone. Personally, I would never shoot one.

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