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Looking for place to shoot in Goleta/SB
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Btown 09-Jan-20
Empty Freezer 24-May-20
Surfbow 17-Jun-20
From: Btown

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looking for an appropriate place to practice my archery skills. Anything over 25 yards will do.

I’d like to practice at least 3 times a week.

I have my own target and equipment. This is not a permanent setup.

Again this area would be only for ME to practice

Payment/ exchange:

I am willing to pay a monthly fee or work an 8 hour day doing any type of manual labor ranch hand work needed one weekend a month.

About me: I am a local 32 year old veteran dad with three kids. I work a local government job in Goleta. I am quite, clean and I do not drink or smoke. All in all I’m just a dad trying to carve out a little me time each week doing something I love.

If you don’t have a spot yourself but know some one who may need the cash or ranch type work please pass the word along.

Take your target anywhere you want in Los Padres above Santa Barbara and set up your own range. i will drive up there a couple times a month to practice.

From: Surfbow
We used to shoot off West Camino Cielo...

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