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Elk hunt 2020
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WIBUCK 11-Jan-20
Jaeger63 11-Jan-20
YZF-88 13-Jan-20
Wondering if there is a NR out there that would be interested in applying together to hunt a good unit. I have 8 points and would need someone with 12 or maybe even 11 points to draw a type 9 tag. We could hunt together or go our own way if desired. I hunted the unit last year with brother and could help you out in a big way with information on the unit. Please pm me if you may be interested.

From: Jaeger63
PM senty

From: YZF-88
I have 11 and would be interested. Actually have a buddy in WI that'd be willing to come out an call as well (he'll never draw a WY tag).

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