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From: FastFight
First post on here, so bear with me I’m sure I’m going to ask a ton of questions that have already been answered,

Wife’s 30th birthday is in September and she wants to do a western hunt for her birthday. We have 2PP and I’ve been trying to use ONx and % data from previous draws and it’s a ton of information. Not looking for anyone’s secret spots, just someone to point us in the general direction.

Other question I have Is can we do a general draw or special draw and save our PP for another couple years?....

From: wytex
You'll loose your PP if you draw a 1st choice license, either draw. Some good enough areas with 2 PP but access will be somewhat limited in some. Fishing and bird hunting can be another fun experience while you're here. The special draw opens up some better areas for access. pm sent

From: Herbhunter

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Study 2019 draw any unit u can barely draw w 2pts is decent just focus on units w max blm and public land, or hma's! Special draw can be worth it to move u onto better units w motr public land. HUnt the last half of the season and you'll be by yourself, or hunt archery season then nobody will be there!

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