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Late season
Rhode Island
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Vtec15 16-Jan-20
dean j 24-Jan-20
Vtec15 25-Jan-20
DeerDan 28-Jan-20
Vtec15 29-Jan-20
DeerDan 29-Jan-20
From: Vtec15
Anybody still at it out there? Snow this Saturday might help pattern a bit, couple friends and I been hunting some different management areas. Saw 5 last week very last light. Since then been a bunch of dud hunts since. What are you guys seeing?

From: dean j
Saw 10 all together last Sunday,going out Saturday morning before the rain, good luck everyone!

From: Vtec15
That’s awesome, finally someone responded lol. I saw two really nice bucks and about 6-8 does in two sits last week. Gonna try and get out atleast one more time next week. Good luck dean

From: DeerDan

From: Vtec15
Congrats deerdan! That’s great I’m going after it at-least 1 more time this week, I found some really good buck sign for next season and can’t wait to scout Rhode Island a bit better for next year archery.

From: DeerDan
Thanks Vtec15! Good luck this week!

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