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New bowhunter in CA
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From: archer44
I just moved to northern CA from the NE and am wondering if anybody has suggestions on where to start looking for places to bow hunt deer in N. CA? Any good literature on bow hunting Blacktails?

From: osage
The coast range and the Sierras have deer as well as the river bottoms. Let me know what town you moved to and I can be more specific.

From: archer44
Moved to Walnut Creek. Any specific public lands that have good access to deer in the coast range?

From: osage
The 'B' zones are just north of you and are mostly National Forest clear to the Oregon border. To the south is the 'A' zone which includes the Los Padres National Forest. I would recommend hiking into the Trinity Alps west of Redding if you want some big deer, although any of the 'B' zones are OK too. The 'A' zone is rather brushy instead of big timber. Both zones are over the counter tags, so no draw and you can get two tags. You will want to apply for an 'X' zone as your first choice and if you don't draw you will be awarded a point each year. Muleys mostly in the Sierras with the desert country along the Nevada border having some real smokers.

From: osage
Also, if you apply for an 'X' zone and don't get it, you can purchase an archery only (AO) tag and hunt the A,B, and D zone or all of them with a two deer limit.

From: archer44
Awesome, I really appreciate the info!

From: QQ Archery

QQ Archery's Link
welcome 44 you have a great archery range at oakland ,20 minutes for ya enjoy,johny

From: archer44
What's the name of the range, thanks!

From: willliamtell
In my experience there tends to be really tough access for public lands anywhere within 2 hours drive of the bay area. You either pay for access or hunt marginal public lands. The irony is you'll pass deer on public lands all over. Try to make friends, get access or into a club. Good luck.

From: deerman

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am new new here am from LA , CA. hope am welcome and also hope its fun around here

From: Padfoot
More fun on the regular blogs this CA blog is on life support.

Where are you from and what species do you hunt?

From: DL
A friend of mine has access to a public golf course when it rains. I got permission to hunt geese with a bow on a course when it rained. I’ve know others that were allowed to hunt pigs on golf courses. I have friends that have hunted a piece of land locked BLM for over a decade and have been incredibly successful Usually taking two deer every season. Here’s the secret! Ask. Yes you’ll get turned down a lot. Most of us are afraid to ask. Think of it like being in High School and seeing some so so dude going out with an attractive girl. He asked. Most of us fear rejection so we don’t. Lots of deer and turkeys around all on private land. Most don’t allow hunting. Maybe offer to do some work on on their property in exchange for bow hunting. My friends looked up property owners around where they wanted to hunt. Sent a letter out stating they had liability insurance and introducing themselves. Worth a shot. I get to hunt a 25,000 acre ranch in eastern Oregon for deer or elk by going up in the summer and working for a week. Sweet deal.

I am also new to bow hunting i will be hunting in D8 this year i plan on driving as far as i can and back pack in until i see signs of deer. Does any one have any pointers for mule deer. thanks

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