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Deerplotter 16-Jan-20
droptine0313 22-Sep-20
Ridge815 27-Sep-20
Fordman 19-Oct-20
From: Deerplotter
Anyone have information on this outfitter service for Whitetail 2020 good bad or other? I have looked at Outfitter reviews looking for a little more if someone has anything.

From: droptine0313
Deerplotter, I have hunted twice out of Spikes N Spurs, I will add that it was my only hunting outfitter experience also so take that for what its worth.

There wasn't much of a "service", basically points you in the direction of a stand to find. Most of the stands are not Bowhunting stands, rather better setups for rifle. The owner Travis seems to save his true "service" and prime spots and stands for a hunting show that frequents the outfitter "Backwoods Life" (BWL), I've actually been there while they (BWL) were there shooting/hunting, it was in 2017 i believe. You can Google and find the shows where they are at Spikes N Spurs.

To keep things short, the service doesn't exist, communication is horrible, i showed up with my 75yr old dad in 2017 to bring him to find a nice buck on deer with his crossbow, when we arrived Travis informed us that he was not allowing and Does to be taken and any buck needed to be 150+ otherwise a $500 fine would be assessed.

Went 2 yrs, never to return, I feel the hunting at Deer Ridge Conservation Area is just as good, more acres, better food plots and you pay zero to hunt, just my two cents.

From: Ridge815
Tombstone Creek Outfitters is where I'm headed in a few weeks. Ive read a lot of good reviews online on various pages.

Paul seems to he a good guy and it's a 100% bowhunting only place. We will see how it goes, its my first time using an outfitter

From: Fordman
Ridge815, how did you do?

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