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BC 27-Jan-20
bowdude 28-Jan-20
BC 28-Jan-20
bill v 31-Jan-20
BC 03-Feb-20
BULELK1 16-May-20
From: BC
My son is stationed in Salt Lake City. Would like to join him next Sept for a hunt but I do not have points for Utah. A number of years back I hunted in southern Utah on a general deer tag. Is there any where in the Salt Lake area where I can get an over the counter tag for deer or elk? Thanks for any help with this.

From: bowdude
Archery elk tags are over the counter. If it is a limited entry area, then you have to draw the elk tag. Most areas you can shoot either a cow, spike or calf with the over the counter tag. Bigger bull tags (larger than a spike) are draw unless you hunt in an open bull area. All deer tags are a draw only for archery. Pick up a proclamation and read thru it. I just gave you the half minute nickel quick tour. :-)

From: BC
Thank you bowdude. I’ll check it out. I’m looking forward to hunting Utah again.

From: bill v
Yo Brian. If your elk hunting spikes. Let me know, me and Sked hunted out there. I can send you to an area to check

From: BC
PM sent Bill. Thank you

I gave ya an option for your Son to visit me

It's still an open option

I got plenty of maps for him to go over with me

bill v good to see ya around here!!!

Good luck, Robb

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