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Out of state turkey
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From: INbowdude
Anybody do out-of-state archery turkey hunts? Nebraska opens in the middle of my spring break and I'm tempted to try. No area picked and I could only hunt 3 days. Any thoughts?

From: pav
Nebraska is fantastic. I've hunted their early archery only season twice. Hunted public ground in SW Nebraska back in 2013. Arrowed the three bird limit in four days of hunting. Went back last year and paid for a sem-guided/trespass fee hunt in the North Central part of the state. Arrowed the three bird limit in less than three days of hunting. Honestly, could have been tagged out in one day. Nebraska is a turkey hunting mecca. Only concern with those early dates is weather. Snowed on me both trips. I'll PM you some info from last year's hunt....very doable in three days.

From: INbowdude
Thanks PAV.

From: NY Bowman
Paul, drop me some information as well if possible. [email protected]. Sounds like a really fun hunt.

From: pav
No problem Terry.

From: Zim
I'll be doing two public land hunts in Illinois as well as 2 or 3 in Wisconsin. Got 3 of these tags in hand already. Expect two more via leftover. I travel these whole states as part of my work area, so my expenses are paid for. I do these two because I got a LL in Illinois, and WI is dirt cheap for NR with great public. Also drew an IN public tag at Kingsbury to top it off. Wife will be accompanying me on her first hunts. Only downside is I will likely need a smoke pole as my left shoulder is ruined. Got my first PT set for 3/12 to rehab, but very afraid my archery days may have ended. Lots of pain, can't sleep at night, and joint keeps popping. Orthopedic doctor can't even evaluate due to pacemaker eliminating MRI possibility, and severe lack of movement. :(

From: INbowdude
Zim, great to hear about the turkey tags, bummer on the shoulder. I am close to the same predicament with both my shoulders and knees. I'm ignoring them for at least 1 more season.

From: Zim
Mike, Your shoulder injuries must be different from mine. No way I can draw even 5#.

From: INbowdude
Must be Ken. I have not seen a doc yet but that's coming one of these days. Hope you will be good.

From: Zim
I saw both my GP & orthopedic surgeon to confirm it was rotator cuff but it ended there because I have a pacer which eliminated an MRI scan. I can not even give a more detailed opinion until I can move it. Hoping the therapist can at least tell me a best case & worst case scenario. I suggest you drop your draw poundage to stay out of my predicament.

From: jstephens61

From: INbowdude
Well, my school got closed a week early and now I've shuffled events around and will not be going turkey hunting until Indiana's opener. Stuff happens. Stay safe my friends, this too shall pass.

Governor just announced schools closed until May 1st. As a mathematics teacher, distance learning has not been my ideal undertaking. I got into teaching to interact with the kids... I guess we are just redefining how that interaction works. Did a video "conference call" through Google Meet with both of my Pre-Calculus classes today. Lots of laughs - was pretty much like herding cats. We did a little Analytic Trig and called it a week (Friday's off). Was good to see their faces.

Won't be missing the opener this year! Essential travel is gonna include pulling my boat to the lake and driving to the turkey woods! Pete

From: INbowdude
I'm with you Pete. I teach Seniors in Gov't and Economics and those are required to graduate. Lots of unknowns. We start Spring break at 3:35 pm today (3/20). So much going on and who knows what will happen. Yep turkey opener is safe. Now my hunt to Shiloh in 3 weeks could be a problem with a travel ban (although I do know a backroad or two). Hunt in Ontario at the end of May could be a lost cause. Good luck with your classes. Mike

From: Zim
Just got the email I was suspecting. All my work travels have been indefinitely suspended by HQ due to the virus outbreak. We are to do virtual inspections via phone interviews. So my two Illinois WMA turkey hunts are toast. No way in hell I'm going to pay the expenses to travel 6 hours on my dime just for a turkey. So plan B is walleye fishing nearby Lake Erie. That leaves me with 3 tags (2 WI, 1 IN) which are all close enough to drive at my own expense.

From: INbowdude
Bummer on the Illinois tags. Best of luck on the lake.

From: Zim
ILLINOIS (WAND) Update: - Illinois officials are canceling hunting and fishing on state-managed or state-owned sites while they're closed during the pandemic. The decision to close parks was "extremely difficult", the Illinois Department of Natural Resources said in a press release, but "was the right one" as officials saw large crowds showing up at state-owned parks across the U.S. All state parks, fish and wildlife areas, recreational areas and historic sites owned by Illinois were closed March 15.

As a result, all upcoming scheduling events, including but not limited to hunting and fishing on state-owned or state-managed sites, have been canceled. In a Tuesday announcement, the DNR said this change will be in effect while the state sites are closed.

DNR officials noted they can't give out refunds or transfer permits under current administrative rules. They said "all possible solutions" to the problems this situation creates for sportsmen and women are under review.


Why am I not surprised by the Thief Pritzker and the state of Illinois solving their problem by sending the bill to honest sportsmen. We all get to throw our turkey tags in the garbage while the state keeps all the thousands of dollars in fees they charged us for them. No refunds. Not even a “We’re sorry”. The DNR just says “It’s not our fault. We are mandated by legislation to shaft you”. Only in Illinois!

From: INbowdude
They are screwing the residents as well.

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