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Season setting session,worth attending?
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Bob H in NH 20-Feb-20
WapitiBob 21-Feb-20
LONEBULL 21-Feb-20
wytex 22-Feb-20
BTM 08-Mar-20
wyelkhunter 10-Mar-20
From: Bob H in NH
Game and Fish is holding a season setting hearing in my town March 25

Are these worth attending?

From: WapitiBob
Probably, they'll go over the quotas, date and reg changes and you should be able to comment. There can sometimes be few in attendance so those can be nice; meet n greet kind of deal and an opportunity to get other questions answered.

I've been attending them for about 35 years now and feel they're worth going to. Don't expect any drastic changes that are proposed or discussed because they are more of an information on what they're doing as far as seasons and quotas.

From: wytex
Yes , go. You'll get info on your areas seasons and population estimates.

From: BTM
I usually get something out of them.

From: wyelkhunter
They are always interesting, and like others said, you get to see what is proposed. Unfortunately get used to the saying, "That is the way we have always done it". I have heard this for years when changes have been proposed. It is still worth discussing thoughts and ideas. Good luck

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