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Weiser River Area (22,32,32a)
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From: k0oLAiD_
Hello everybody! First time post actually, been a lurker for a little bit. Just starting to get into bowhunting overall. Looking to just discuss some things of the area if anybody is up for it? I used to hunt as a kid often with my father, however I haven't really been hunting for years (say....15ish years) due to military service. So I'm trying to learn a new area. I went bowhunting solo in 2019 for the first time for a quick 4 day bowhunt trip and came up empty handed (no surprises). I hadn't scouted or anything correctly - mainly it was a last minute trip.

This year I'm not making the same mistakes lol SO I have a few questions for the area of Weiser River overall --

1) September can be pretty hot still overall here in Idaho. Even up in Council this past year was in the mid/low 70s. It was HOT! So my question, I was hanging around the 5k-6k foot range, should I move up higher for September? I feel I was far too low. I did jump a few deer in the area.

2) Calls.....I heard maybe 1 small bugle off in the distance. Does this area often stay pretty quiet? Even in 'peak' rut time? I'd imagine it would due to wolves in the area (Which I had seen one this past year -- didn't have my wolf tag on me sadly :( )

3) The area seemed pretty populated especially when rifle season kicked up. If I get into deeper country away from trails --- will I find more activity in calls - or will I find the same silence?

Any extra words of advice is appreciated!

happy Hunting!

From: Outdoordan
Follow your instincts and move higher and farther in. Those units get hit pretty hard because of their proximity to the Treasure Valley. Units with lots of pressure typically see less bugling activity. There were 966 hunters in unit 22 in 2018, and 760 in unit 32A. Harvest rates were between 10-14%. And BUY A WOLF TAG!

From: k0oLAiD_

Thanks! Yeah I'm planning this year to be much higher - but will also have far more scouting in the areas this time around.

Oh I bought a wolf tag as soon as I made it back in after I saw that wolf. Knew I didn't want to be caught without one again. Question on that though.....

You're out hunting deer/elk and come across a wolf ---- do you take the shot? Guess if its archery close...probably so but what if during rifle season? I would almost think so -- way I'm looking at it is if I'm seeing the wolf everything I'm hunting probably is too. So more then likely the area is clear of what I want OR I'm competing with the wolf in which the wolf will win 99% of the time.

From: Outdoordan
Yes, killing a wolf in some ways is the holy grail of hunting now. They are very hard to find, even harder to kill. Very savvy animals. If you have a rifle with you take a shot! If its archery close its a no-brainer.

From: k0oLAiD_
Well I won't be passing up a wolf shot from here on out!


From: Mt. man
Wolf tags are not required.....giggle giggle! ;-)

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