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Indiana Deer Management Survey
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sticksender 26-Feb-20
pav 26-Feb-20
NY Bowman 28-Feb-20
Zim 28-Feb-20
patience2spare 02-Mar-20
INbowdude 04-Mar-20
From: sticksender
Curious if anyone else received the latest "Deer Management Survey" from IDNR by email? It asked general questions about hunter satisfaction, but also contained several questions about allowing "air bows" and "sling bows", and air rifles for deer hunting.

From: pav
Yep, saw that. Seemed to be several questions about HPR acceptance as well. Gave them my typical ear full at the end. That's what they get for offering a comment section. Complete waste of my time I know....

From: NY Bowman
Paul, I'm sure my responses ended up right next to yours in the garbage. :)

From: Zim
I think so much of the IN public land that I won't be spending one day here hunting this year. Will be in Illinois as there are some public properties with serious barrier to entry like I've been unable to find in IN. May also burn my Iowa points for a lesser zone depending on scouting and current legislation. I gave IN public my undivided attention for the entire 2019 season and I have no need to see any more. It's well past the point of no return.

I was SOOOO disappointed that they would even include "sling bows" "air bows" and air rifles in the survey. How could they possibly consider designating season dates for these "weapons" ????? How many people would actually have an air rifle capable of killing a whitetail?!?!?

If they want to (or feel compelled to) play with the season structure, how's about moving crossbows out of the regular archery season except for youth and anyone with a disability? Crossbow harvest actually surpassed vertical bow harvest this past season. Let's lump the crossbows aka "xguns" in with muzzleloaders after the firearms season!

I was quite honestly incredulous that they kept referring to taking time out of the regular archery season to designate a season to these alternative weapons?!?!?!

The only thing that I gave them some positive feedback on was the fact that they finally reduced the anterless quota in many of the northern counties that were hit so hard by EHD about 5yrs ago. My daughter actually saw deer on every hunt this season - which goes a LONG ways towards keeping a new hunter interested in going out in the field!

That is the gist of the 2cents I gave them. Not going to hold my breath that it will be heard. Pete

From: INbowdude
Surprised they didn't include spears, cars/trucks/atv/snowmobiles as weapons as well. I actually saw less deer this season. Not sure why, I put in a lot of tree time, more than last year. Didn't even touch the shotgun or muzzleloader this season.

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