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10 year Old Son Deer Hunt Help
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coelker 28-Mar-20
Inshart 28-Mar-20
coelker 28-Mar-20
hobbes 01-Apr-20
From: coelker
My son is 10. I was looking for hunt options for him this fall. WY and CO both require youth to be 12. I was looking at options and someone said that if I can draw a tag I can have him hunt under an apprentice tag. Does this sound right?

If so can anyone point me to units to hunt? I have been looked at 630/31/32 in the past but also know they have been on the TV around the lake etc. We have very capable off rod vehicles and he can out hike 80% of the grown men I know. We often cover 5-6 miles a day on foot pretty easy.

Any thoughts on areas Closer to Cody that we might hunt? Realize this is not going to be but a 1 or maybe 2 time thing as once he is old enough he will hunt in here in WY.

Also where can I find a map that shows all the General Deer units State Wide?

Thanks guys, I know this is last minute but I would much prefer a MT hunt over Idaho or taking him to Iowa. We will likely be hunting later in the season.

Thanks again and if you ever need any information on NW Colorado let me know.

From: Inshart
PM sent

From: coelker
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From: hobbes
If you've not already applied, today is the deadline. Here is apprentice info.

Your deer combo will be $600ish and his $300ish. Yours must be drawn, his is unlimited and can be "sponsored" by you.

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