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Spring Turkey Eastern Shore
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Sjp 28-Mar-20
Shuteye 06-May-20
Team T&A 27-Oct-20
From: Sjp
Scouting some public land around the Eastern shore for turkey for Spring 2020. Looking for some places to take newer hunters as well. I've read the harvest records and Worcester County seems to be a good starting point. Found Pocomoke River State Forest and a few other places. Any other recommendations? Thank you in advance!

From: Shuteye
My drive way is a good spot. They set off my alarm and get on the trail cam I have there. We see turkeys eating insects around my garden. I just let them go even though it is open season right now. My woods is a safe place for turkeys and they seem to know it. The deer are going in my freezer when winter comes again. They already ate some of my cabbage plants.

From: Team T&A
Im on the lower shore . Plenty of public spots

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