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Turkey Scouting
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Zim 02-Apr-20
INbowdude 04-Apr-20
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Zim 10-Apr-20
jstephens61 13-Apr-20
Zim 16-Apr-20
From: Zim
Had a great day turkey scouting Wednesday. I hit Kingsbury FWA where I have never turkey hunted. Drew a 4th season permit. Was lucky hiked into a group of 3 toms gobbling their fool heads off between 5-6 PM. One came within 40 yards of me. Two others out about 150 yards. Marked some good places to setup my Ghost Blind & dekes. I've not been impressed with the Indiana public land deer, but the turkey numbers have been very good at all the properties I scouted so far..

From: INbowdude
Good luck. I drew Goose Pond. Still need to get down there and do some scouting. Best of luck this season.

From: Zim
Saturday scouted an obscure area and glassed a group of five mature toms strutting around a hen. Then a solo later while driving. Will visit a few calm mornings to try and zero in on where they are roosting. Nice action but not worth the chiggers I got into! :(

From: Zim
Kudos to INDNR for adding a Coronavirus 2nd public land turkey lottery in lieu of standby draws for leftovers & no shows. This was done on very short notice and was a great idea rather than letting all these late season slots go to waste. I do wish they'd give hunters multiple choices in the first lottery and charge some fee to accommodate the more serious hunters.

From: jstephens61

From: Zim
js, I was born & raised here Hammond/Valparaiso/Schererville/LaPorte. Just left 3 years to Texas & 13 years to Illinois for work. But now I'm back. So that makes 60 - 16 = 44 years lived here. How many years you lived here?

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