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Conditions in Unit 13
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gildy 06-Apr-20
wytex 07-Apr-20
BenHuntn 13-May-20
dgildy 14-May-20
PaBowhunter 09-Jun-20
From: gildy
Is anyone familiar with the conditions in unit 13? I know there was a huge fire that went through in 2018. I bow hunted elk there in 2014 and 2017. At that time I thought it really needed a fire to clear the horrendous deadfall timber. Apparently I sort of got my wish. I am hoping to draw a general tag for this year, and was planning to go back there since I’m familiar with the area. I have been planning a scouting trip up there late May to check it out, but was wondering if anyone could give me a heads up of what to expect or if I should start looking at a new area. It’s about a 15 hour drive for me, so if I need to do some internet scouting if a new area before I head up there, I would appreciate it.

Thanks for the feedback. Dave

From: wytex
You'll likely drive through some other general areas that have good hunting as well. I'm betting the fire only added to the dead fall. Also we had lots of snow this year, May could still be quite snowy and restricted access into your area due to drifts on roads. Fishing may be great in late May though on that side and everywhere down lower.

pm sent

From: BenHuntn
I hunted 13 in 2019. The fire was extensive. It opened up alot of heavy timber.

From: dgildy
Thanks for the replies. If I find out next Thursday I drew a tag, I will be headed up that way to scout over the weekend.


From: PaBowhunter
I drew a general elk tag in Wyoming this year and I’m looking for an area to bowhunt.I’m 63 years old and have given up on drawing another great tag in my lifetime.Right now I’m looking at 21 and 13.Im planning on hunting the last 10 days of bow season.I am willing to share info on areas that I’ve hunted in my lifetime.Ive hunted Area 38 three times in Wyoming.In Colorado,Ive hunted Area 76 once and Area 2 three times,along with several over the counter areas.I’ve also hunted the San Juan area in Utah.I have always bowhunted on my trips out west if that makes any difference.Thanks

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