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No bathtub ring
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Coyote 65 13-Apr-20
AZ8 13-Apr-20
notags 13-Apr-20
From: Coyote 65

Coyote 65's embedded Photo
Coyote 65's embedded Photo
Got bored Sunday, so took the Chamberlain Trail to Young and then over to Roosevelt Lake, to Payson and then back home. Took this shot of the lake. Notice no bathtub ring, the lake is as full as it has ever been. I don't know how much more water they can add after the dam extension, but it looks like quite a bit.


From: AZ8

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It’s at 99% with about a foot left to go. Lake looks awesome!

From: notags
sweet. Nice to see the ponds full. Even Horseshoe I hear.

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