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New to Colorado Bear hunting (from CO)
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ElkSlayer615 14-Apr-20
Bobmeister 16-Apr-20
From: ElkSlayer615
I’m driving up to Idaho to go after bears with my cousin from Victor sometime in mid May, so I was wondering about a decent unit that’s not too far from me here in Denver. I was looking at unit 66A, 56, 70s, etc. Not looking for anybody’s honey hole just a general Idea. I’d be willing to swap info about CO otc elk units.


From: Bobmeister
Better look at Idaho fish and game web page, this is copy and paste from it.

The following is the list of nonresident items suspended from sale

Nonresident annual and three-year combination, fishing, and trapping licenses. Nonresident Hunting Passports. Nonresident junior annual and three-year fishing licenses. Nonresident annual and 3-day small game hunting licenses. Nonresident daily (including consecutive day) fishing licenses. Nonresident 3-day fishing licenses with salmon/steelhead permits. Nonresident nongame hunting licenses. Nonresident game tags for black bear, turkey, mountain lion, and gray wolf, including nonresident junior mentored and nonresident disabled American veteran tags for these species. Nonresident permits for black bear baiting, hound hunter, salmon, and steelhead. Nonresident falconry meet permits. Nonresident sport dog and falconry training permits. Nonresident fishing tournament permits (suspension of sales of resident and nonresident tournament permits was implemented by Order 20-30). Nonresident dog field trial permits.

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