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Private land
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Gene 16-Apr-20
Chief 419 08-Jul-20
Gene 11-Jul-20
From: Gene
I am looking for private land to hunt or joining a hunt club. I moved to Louisiana a little over a year ago and have hunted on a few WMA's here and would love to become a member of a club. I was the president of our local rod and gun club in CT for the 5 years preceding my move here. My first deer was taken with a recurve back in 1973 and I have hunted in several states and Canada along the way. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

From: Chief 419
Gene, I don't have much to add as far as clubs & private land. I've never been in a club that I would recommend to another hunter. There's usually too many clicks and everyone acts like the 110" 8-point they've been seeing is the new world record.

There are a few good options that you might not have tried yet. Ft. Polk has a draw every year and the opportunity rate is usually very good. Tensas NWR is in north LA and big bucks are killed every year on that ground. Lake Ophelia also hold some nice bucks and a decent population of deer.

Hope that info at least gets you into better opportunities on public land. Randy

From: Gene
Thanks Randy. I appreciate the info. Good luck to you.

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