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Trinity Alps Backcountry Help
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JStolte 20-Apr-20
osage 22-Apr-20
From: JStolte
Hi all, I'm new here but have been lurking and greatly appreciate this resource as a new bow hunter. I am starting to plan my first solo backcountry hunt and from the information I have gathered so far it looks like the Trinity Alps may be a good bet for me.

Any intel on the area, or specific spots to be looking at would be greatly appreciated. I understand any reluctance to divulge one's honey hole on a public forum so please feel free to DM me. I am in great shape, have experience in the backcountry, and enjoy the challenge of difficult terrain. However, I will be hunting solo so this may be a factor selecting a spot.

I'm not dead set on the Alps so would be open to other suggestions, my main goal is to see as few people and as many deer as possible.

Thanks in advance!

From: osage
Just get a NF map and look for the access points. If you hike in a mile you will find deer and no people. The Yolla Bolly is another good area for deer. Enter from the south just east of Covelo.

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