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Pacific Mountain Guides?
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FRELK 27-Apr-20
GloriaRitzman 04-Sep-20
I have booked with Tim from Pacific Mountain Guides for Mtn Goat for 2021. Has anyone out there had experience with them? Good bad or indifferent. Kinda late but thought I should know what to expect. Experience has been ok so far, though response has been a little slow on questions.

Leaving Santa Rosalía, the road climbs and twists around volcanic cinder cones and across old lava fields. Watch out for cows on the road; they’re free ranging throughout the state. When you pull into San Ignacio an hour later, you will hardly believe your eyes – it’s so lush and fertile. Jesuit missionaries planted date palms and citrus orchards when they settled here in the early 1700s. Visit the intact mission, built from thick blocks of volcanic rock and decorated with ornate carvings and statues of saints. On the leafy town square opposite, you’ll find tourism operators offering tours to the 5,000-year-old rock paintings in the nearby mountains. (The road there is off-limits to rental vehicles, so you will need a guide.) With a choice of hotels and restaurants, San Ignacio is a good place to spend the night. If you’re tired of fish tacos, try the seafood lasagna at the Desert Inn’s restaurant.

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