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AZ deer, bison, and sheep draw!!!!
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PowellSixO 05-May-20
Ranger rick 05-May-20
AZBUGLER 06-May-20
PowellSixO 06-May-20
AZ8 07-May-20
Padfoot 09-May-20
creed 10-May-20
PowellSixO 08-Jun-20
pav 09-Jun-20
notags 10-Jun-20
pav 11-Jun-20
From: PowellSixO
Get those apps in. I put mine in seconds after they opened the draw, which means I won't be getting one again. Lol. Good luck to everyone this year. Fingers crossed!!

Just did mine!

I have to go through weeks of anxiety and changing my mind over and over or I just won’t feel right!

From: PowellSixO
AZBUGLER, I had to put mine in instantly. Or I would change my mind over and over again, and talk myself out of holding out for the tag I really want. Lol.

From: AZ8
16 deer points. 13B or bust!

From: Padfoot
I'm holding off until I see how my other draws go. CO supposed to be out by June 1, NV next week, and UT who knows?

From: creed
I thought long and hard about a strip tag but with only 8 points and getting older every day I opted for the desert muzzy hunt.

From: PowellSixO
Only today and tomorrow left! Don't be the crybaby trying to put in last minute, complaining that AZGFD's website is slow.

From: pav
Got my apps in a week ago....last chance for 2020!

From: notags
Why would you want to remind anyone who is not of the core that lives for hunting to put in? If they aren't dialed in on deadlines, they are hobby hunters and deserve to miss out. We don't need Public Service announcements .....

From: pav
Sensible post considering your handle there "notags"! LOL!

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