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New to Indiana
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hntnfool 06-May-20
pav 06-May-20
INbowdude 06-May-20
NY Bowman 09-Jul-20
Dmott 19-Nov-20
OsageOrangutan 12-Jul-23
Breakfast Boy 13-Jul-23
patience2spare 16-Jul-23
Zim 20-Jul-23
From: hntnfool
Moved to Indiana at the end of last year. I’m Living in the Ft Wayne area. Any bowsiters from around this area?

From: pav
Welcome from southern Indiana Lee!

From: INbowdude
Hello Lee, Great talking to you today. I'm central Indiana just west of Indy.

From: NY Bowman
I'm South of Indy.

From: Dmott
Evansville indiana here

Lafayette area.

Hi Lee! Welcome to Indiana. I'm in between Wabash and Huntington, which isn't too terribly far from Fort Wayne. Be sure you visit Hook & Arrow on Winchester Road there in Fort Wayne if you haven't already. They have a bow tuning special going on right now I think. If I'm not mistaken, long time member of the Indiana Bowhunter Association Jeremy Andrews is still working there part time in the archery department. Great guy to talk to. Also, if you are on Facebook, check out the Indiana Bowhunter Association's Facebook group. Maybe we'll see you at an event sometime. If so, introduce yourself!


Hi Lee! I'm here in Fort Wayne. I've lived here my whole life (turning 50 in a few weeks). Fort Wayne's a great place to live and raise a family! Pete

From: Zim
If you fish, you need to familiarize yourself with the Maumee River walleye run, because you are very close to it. My favorite fishing event of the year.

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