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Cuzwhynot 12-May-20
chukarchump 13-May-20
From: Cuzwhynot
Hey everyone, Hope all of ya'll have been doing great and staying healthy. Friend of mine recommended me to this site. I have been elk hunting with a group the last several years and this is my first time planning a hunt. Plan on coming out there in the middle of September and was wondering about the area. Hows the terrain around this area and what elevation should I be e scouting for? Any information on this unit is greatly appreciated.

From: chukarchump
The area your looking at is very steep country. You could easily see mountain goats on your hunt. Depending on your game plan- 1) if you are planing to set up a base camp to hunt out of....the area consists of high upper basins and it will take a full day to hike to and hunt a basin completely and then return to base camp in the evening. One hunt a day. 2) if you back pack in with camp and are more mobile you can get on an upper ridge and have more ability to cover more than one basin in a day. The advantage is more ground to spot and stalk as well as possibly bugle. (although bulls have changed bugling patterns due to wolves) You will deal with wolves in the area (the last time I was there) so the elk tend to run into the next basin or further if spooked. e-scouting will give you basins and areas of timber for bedding and feeding grounds as there are lots of rock cliffs and shale slides. You can also design travel corridors around and through those rock pinnacles to where you want to go. Good luck!

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