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Elk Draw results
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aggiebow88 21-May-20
dgildy 21-May-20
Archbull 21-May-20
WIBUCK 23-May-20
c3 27-May-20
From: aggiebow88
Successful getting my NR general tag!!

From: dgildy
Not for me with 2 preference points.

From: Archbull
Drew 24-1 elk!

I applied for a type 9 tag in a unit that last year 3 hunters drew with 8 and 1 with 6 in special. I had 8 points and applied special, but had no chance as you needed 10 to draw this year, so much for people holding back because of the pandemic. Anyone know anything on unit 106 antelope that would be willing to contact me through a pm. My son and I have 8.5 points between us and have many options but having a tough time getting information on this unit. Congrats to those who will be elk hunting this fall.

From: c3
54-9 for a buddy an I !!!!

Let the scouting adventures begin

Cheers, Pete

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