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Late "bloomer"
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From: sitO

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Was going through some pics and found this series, just deer doin what deer do

From: Wayne
Can’t blame him.. He may have a long time to wait for the next opportunity.

From: DJnKS
Kyle, I just witnessed the same late rutting action as in your pictures. A good buck was tending a doe this morning out in the middle of a cut soybean field. That would put the fawn being born in the middle of August. Crazy.

From: writer
Had bucks trailing does on the 16th.

From: One Arrow
Years ago I regularly saw a fawn with spots in mid November. Most nervous momma doe I’ve ever seen.

From: keepemsharp
So much for all this "one-half" terminology?

From: Trebarker
So much for rut ALWAYS happening 2nd week of November.

Main push for mature does, yes, but have seen some activity Oct-Mar the last several years

From: Chief
Global Warming!

From what I have read, this would indicate the buck to doe ratio is off. Basically she was missed. Maybe twice?

From: Cracken74
Happens all the time! Seen it 30 years ago when deer numbers aren't what they are today. Nature will always find a way no matter.

From: Thornton
I've seen young bucks acting this way opening day in September well into spring. Even when I was a kid hunting rabbits, I blundered into some bucks fighting in the snow in late February.

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