Area 98 elk hunt
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Cobowhntr 30-May-20
Gibbs 18-Jun-20
BTM 19-Jun-20
Cobowhntr 06-Jul-20
MRmich 25-Jan-21
From: Cobowhntr
Hello everyone! Looking to get some opinions on possibly solo hunting Unit 98 for elk. I’ve been researching the unit a lot but am concerned or aware of possibility to encounter grizzlies. Anyone that has experience with this unit would you share your opinions or experiences with grizzly bear encounters in this specific unit. I’m a resident finally and looking to get my first elk. Thanks for your time and input.

From: Gibbs
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From: BTM
I get up there now and then (was there yesterday). From what I understand from G&F, griz don't get down there as much as the units farther north, but your best bet would be to call the Pinedale office.

From: Cobowhntr
Thank you for the update fellas I appreciate it

From: MRmich

MRmich's embedded Photo
MRmich's embedded Photo
Hunted there in October bow season and only saw a bunch of old tracks. Most of the elk are not in that unit until the weather pushes them into it. The game warden as much as told us that. Ask alot of questions of the biologists and wardens and it could pay off.

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