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Crossbow Scope in Utah
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Chester 30-May-20
bowdude 31-May-20
From: Chester
I was granted a crossbow exception for Utah. I had to sell my compound and then I bought a nice crossbow that came with a 4x32 multi-reticle scope. In reading the big game book, it says this: (5) A crossbow used to hunt big game may have a fixed or variable magnifying scope only during an any weapon hunt. I drew out a LE Archery Bull yah this year. Am I reading this correctly that I’m not able to use a scope at all?? Thanks. Does anyone know someone who has the same exception and has hunted big game in Utah and what did they use? Thanks

From: bowdude
I had an English teacher in the 8th grade that used to say, "When in doubt, read the instructions". Seems you have done that, just need an interpretation. So, let me add to my English teachers quote with, "If you don't understand, go to the source and ask". Call or better yet, write the DNR and ask. Keep the response with your hunting permit so should you get questioned, you can give "Scripture and Verse", staying out of trouble. The response's you get from this source is only "hear say".

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