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Littleton Walmart clears shelves of guns
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Stix 03-Jun-20
TRnCO 03-Jun-20
Gregory52 01-Jul-21
From: Stix
Not sure if it's corporate policy or a local decision but Was at Walmart today, c-470 & Bowles, Littleton, and they cleared all guns and ammo off the shelves. I asked why, they said because of the events downtown. I said what if someone is scared and wants to protect their home? They said they can buy their weapons and ammo elsewhere.

From: TRnCO
Parker, Castle Rock, and Elizabeth Walmarts all did the same. Word I heard was that Parker Walmart received a bomb threat, but weather or not that's true or not probably doesn't matter with what's been going on down town lately. Even a small organized protest in Castle Rock yesterday. It's spreading.

From: Gregory52
Wonderful! Walmart has taken a peaceful step to avoid guns all over the United States and they have cleaned their shelves from guns. Extremists would be extremely worried about this step of Walmart. Now, I am going to join sumer camp usa to learn and experience new things with new people.

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