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adogg437 12-Jun-20
wyobullshooter 14-Jun-20
Deertick 16-Jun-20
adogg437 16-Jun-20
adogg437 16-Jun-20
wyobullshooter 17-Jun-20
adogg437 18-Jun-20
From: adogg437
Who else is awaiting the draw results so they can put all the offseason plans into action?

The only draw I apply for is reduced price cow/calf. Either way, I’ll hunt the same general area I’ve bowhunted for 35 years. So I guess my answer would off-season plans are never in inaction. ;-)

From: Deertick
Planning this year is tougher than usual, mostly due to business issues -- so I'm ready to get something on the calendar, set in stone.

From: adogg437
wyobullshooter, sounds like a solid plan to hunt the ground you know so well. Good luck on the cow/calf tag

From: adogg437
Deertick, I am also ready to have it on the calendar

Thanks aadog. Good luck to you as well!

From: adogg437
No dice on the draw Bull tags, so Looks like general for elk and deer, but did draw my antelope and cow/calf tags.

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