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Mo. elk hunt
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slingNsticks 12-Jun-20
Korey Wolfe 23-Jun-20
Schmitty78 22-Jul-20
Lucas 18-Aug-20
FMSullie 07-Aug-21
Schmitty78 09-Aug-21
FMSullie 09-Aug-21
Schmitty78 10-Aug-21
FMSullie 10-Aug-21
Lucas 23-Aug-21
From: slingNsticks
Did any of you put in for the Mo. elk hunt this year?

From: Korey Wolfe
I did. Not expecting much.

From: Schmitty78
I did, worth a try but I’d be shocked if I ever get drawn

From: Lucas
I did, haven't heard back yet

From: FMSullie
I did didn't draw for elk or bear. My captain did get a bear tag!

From: Schmitty78
A bear would be a hard animal to hunt in Missouri unless you were from the Southern part of the state and have intel or experience down there and know where to look. I’ve hunted Mark Twain National forest and it’s not like you see bears very often, If at all. Good luck to your captain though FMSullie!!

From: FMSullie

FMSullie's embedded Photo
FMSullie's embedded Photo
Got some good pictures. Its gonna be tough to kill one without bait. I have 600a lease by ava mo lots of bear!

From: Schmitty78
Nice, that’s a good looking bear!! No bait will make it tough, but at least you’ve got some pics!

From: FMSullie
starting to get some from this year. best i can tell is I have 5 diffrent bears.

From: Lucas
Good luck!

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