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Green river lake wma
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What’s up everyone, name is Rich and live in ct. I’m a regular on the ct forum. I’m looking to do a out of state hunt next year, maybe even this year. Does anyone on here know anything about this wma? It’s 21,000 acres of what looks like pretty awesome terrain and features. Am I to assume it gets hammered hard?

if you go to the state wildlife site you can see the enormous amount of firearm permits issued and the tiny harvest numbers. incredibly low success rates. so it gets hammered real hard but what public land in the south doesn't.

It used to hold a whole lot of deer but it has been hit pretty hard over the last decade. My brother and one of our friends get drawn for the quota hunt there almost every year. They usually kill a deer or two but no big ones.

800 gun tags issued last year, 2 deer checked in.

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