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DS140 October Chugach
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Just joined Bowsite, was turned onto this by a guy in my FitBit Sheep Hunting group. Reading up on some other write ups for my hunt. I got the DS140 Archery Dall Sheep Hunt in the 14C Chugach this October. Trying to gear up, get in shape and prepare the best I can. I've had a few conversations with guys in a group for Sheep Hunter on Facebook, Alaska Outdoor Forums and a couple other places but always looking for input on gear, advice, tips, etc. Thanks in Advance. I'm 3 months out and starting to turn up my training a bit more and once I get my fletching jig I'll be shooting more arrows as well! I've got an Eberlestock Mainframe with batwings and drybag, Stone Glacier Skyscraper 2p, Mathews VXR @65#s with 420gr Easton Axis arrows. I'm still working on my cloths as i've lost 30 pounds since December and I'm hoping to drop about 20+ more before this hunt starts! First Dall Sheep and First Backpack Hunt. I'm excited and terrified. Thanks for anything you all can offer.

Be ready for rain, wind and snow. Take a book along to pass the time in the tent when you are weathered in. Bring a spot locator or inreach in case you slip and get hurt. Also take something like katoolah microspikes to wear if it gets too slippery for just boots. Add protein powder to your meals, it will help you recover faster.

Leaving on Tuesday, hiking in on 9/30 for 10/1 opener. Got the whole season off. I'm down to 218 pounds and I'm currently sitting about 80 pounds with EVERYTHING in my pack. Looking to cut a little more weight this weekend as that isn't including water. My Spotter and tripod are heavy...and I think I'm going to cut my Med/Survival kit a little as well.

It was epic, got to within rifle range but never closed to Bow range. Had a little rain every day, except for the 30 hours of rain and wind we got on days 2-3. Epic Hunt and i had a blast. Also learned so much for my first back country/back pack hunt of this magnitude and nature.

From: Savage_Pooh
I drew it for 2022. I'm planning a bunch of training/ scouting hikes this summer. It promises to be an adventure.

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