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A9 X5B tag for this 2020 season.
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I drew an A9 X5B archery tag. I had 12 points. I drew this tag 13 years ago and only hunted a few days because I had an archery tag in Nevada also. I like the high desert. I am 71 years old and have lost way more than a step. I shoot a compound, but still with fingers. A lot has happened in X5B in the last 12 years I know. Fires, drought, cheatgrass, etc. And, I know the deer numbers are "low density". This will be my last X5B archery deer hunt in this life so I am going with the "savor the day, savor the moment" attitude. Shooting a nice buck what also help! lol. I’ve just finished my second scout trip there for this season. It’s changed a lot in the last 13 years. Burns have replaced good feed with non-edibles. I am going to need some help from those of you who know the area. I am interested in your thoughts about X5B, and hunt areas. Would also be interested in your thoughts about sitting water in that unit. Thanks. And, I hope I'll be able to return the favor.


trad_bowhunter1965's embedded Photo
trad_bowhunter1965's embedded Photo
I would look at water holes here's some bucks I photographed on my Antelope back in 2009 they were on the valley floor not up high i set my popup blind that morning they didn't care.

Wow! Please sign me up. Have done four scout trips high and low. Covered a lot of miles from the Cottonwood Mt. to Rush Cr. Mts. Every spring I checked was beat up, pipes broken and troughs empty because of the cattle. Set up a couple of cameras. One camera logged 4000 photos of cattle. Have been dreaming of a scene such as your photo. Unless you’ll help me with more detail, I am going to switch from dreaming to praying!

are you scouting northern part of X5B ?

have you scouted Shinn Mountain or Observation peak?

Yes. Shinn, Spanish Springs, Buckhorn Res-Lake, Dodge Res. Cottonwood Mts. Looked at Observation from a far. PM sent.

From: Pacer1975
Will draw this tag this year. Hope it's a fun one. Plan on hunting as long as it takes.

From: Pacer1975
Drew a9 , and the whites sheep. So it's sheep first the roll into a9. Sweet.

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