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From: HoytCarbon
Does anybody have any info on C zone? Specifically C4 near badger mountain? It looks pretty good with some older burns and lumber company cuts. Any advice or general areas to look would be appreciated i have never hunted there. Thanks for all and any help

From: elkmtngear
I've hunted near there. That burn is coming up on 5 years old, pretty prime right now. Badger Mountain area looks good on the map. Mixed brush and timber all over that zone. Locating bucks in logged areas in the AM before they bed can be productive. A lot of folks just road hunt, spot, and stalk. Typically, water is everywhere in that Country, so it's hard to find something that concentrates the deer. Also, deer tend to go nocturnal during bow season, from pressure, and the heat. They'll be all over that burn at night, guaranteed !

From: HoytCarbon
Thanks for the info elkmtngear. I have been looking at it on onx maps and everything you said is about what i thought. Hopefully i can find some transition areas and catch them coming in the evening or going out the early morning. My hunting buddy and i are going up 2 days before season opens to do some scouting and hopefully lock on to atleast one buck for opener. Have you ever seen any bear up in that area? Not my main target but i do have a tag.

Hog Flat above Susanville is on fire.

5,200 acers as of Monday.

From: elkmtngear
Plenty of Bear up there. You'll probably find a lot of bear sign up high, especially when it's hot.

If you can find a high spring, and get up in a tree, you'll have a better chance of killing a bear than a deer ;^)

From: HoytCarbon
Thats good news. I have been eating tag soup for the past two years and i wouldnt mind venison or bear stew this year. Some other folks i know said the deer are usually up high too untill the storms come is that your experience? I appreciate all info and suggestions i took a long break in hunting and have a lot to learn again

From: elkmtngear
Yeah typically deer go on the move, with the first storms, but usually that's during rifle Season. When it's hot, the bucks like to stay high, I'll be hunting at 6800 feet next weekend.

Good luck!

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